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Jan 13, 2009

CafePress and Rock the Vote Unveil Limited Edition Rolling Stone Presidential Inauguration T-Shirt

CafePress and Rock the Vote Unveil Limited Edition Rolling Stone Presidential Inauguration T-Shirt

SAN MATEO, CA January 13, 2009 - CafePress, the number one purveyor for self-designed T-Shirts online, and Rock the Vote, today reveal a limited edition Rolling Stone Commemorative Inauguration T-Shirt. Blending the perfect recipe of iconic cool, T-Shirt know-how and voter empowerment, the official Rolling Stone Collection Inauguration T-Shirt is now available on CafePress ( for $15 with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Rock the Vote.

Rolling Stone Collection Inauguration T-Shirt

"The Rolling Stone Inauguration T-Shirt captures the excitement from this historic election where more young voters cast a ballot in this presidential election than ever before," said Heather Smith, executive director, Rock the Vote. "Through this partnership with CafePress and Rolling Stone we are offering a commemorative T-shirt to mark this truly remarkable moment in history."

"CafePress is thrilled to offer an Inauguration T-Shirt that marries the best of both worlds by bringing together the iconic Rolling Stone brand and the hip Rock the Vote contingent," said CafePress Vice President of Marketing Amy Maniatis. "This exciting partnership provides our diverse community with a one-of-a-kind keepsake that rounds out the election season and launches the next chapter with our forty-fourth president."

Prior to this historic Inauguration, CafePress' vocal community of 6.5 million users energetically expressed their political passions and wide-ranging points of view by creating, buying and selling election-related merchandise. Throughout the Presidential election cycle CafePress provided Americans with a unique, accessible platform to voice their opinions about the presidential hopefuls, the issues at stake and finally, the outcome, with over 154,000 "Yes We Did!" products created in November 2008. The Rolling Stone Inauguration T-Shirt captures the fervor of the CafePress user community as the finishing touch on this lively 2008 election.

CafePress and Rock the Vote also teamed up this past October for the "Sport Your Support" contest, inviting people to put partisan politics aside and make their stance on hot topics heard by creating tell-it-as-it-is T-Shirts on CafePress.

The Inauguration T-Shirt is now available on for $15.


About CafePress
CafePress is the leader in User-Generated Commerce and offers sellers turnkey e-commerce services to independently create and sell a wide variety of products, and offers buyers unique merchandise across virtually every topic. Launched in 1999, CafePress has empowered individuals, organizations and businesses to create, buy and sell customized merchandise online using the company's unique print-on-demand and e-commerce services. Today, CafePress is a growing network of over 6.5 million members who have unleashed their creativity to transform their artwork and ideas into unique gifts and new revenue streams.

For more information visit CafePress at

About Rock the Vote
Rock the Vote's mission is to engage and build the political power of young people in order to achieve progressive change in our country. Rock the Vote uses music, popular culture and new technologies to engage and incite young people to register and vote in every election. And we give young people the tools to identify, learn about, and take action on the issues that affect their lives, and leverage their power in the political process. Rock the Vote is creative, effective, and controlled by nobody's agenda but our own -- we tell it like it is and pride ourselves on being a trusted source for information on politics. We empower the 45 million young people in America who want to step up, claim their voice in the political process, and change the way politics is done.

About Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone has been the leading voice of music and popular culture since its inception over 40 years ago. The magazine features the latest in music reviews, in-depth interviews, hard-hitting political commentary and award-winning investigative journalism. Rolling Stone provides all the news that fits to 13 million readers every two weeks.

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